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The Minterest Governance Forum is the place where all Minterest’s community can come together to discuss and decide the protocol’s management and development future.

What is Minterest?
Minterest is a next generation DeFi lending protocol built to outcompete sector peers in the space.

How does it work?
Minterest captures significantly greater fees and provides more value to liquidity providers when compared to leaders like Aave and Compound. 100% of the fees captured are distributed back to its users via a buyback mechanism for the native MNT token. These powerful network effects are supported by a deflationary tokenomics model to further drive user adoption.

Why is Minterest different?
Deflationary tokenomics: Minterest actively manages on-market circulating supply of MNT through its buyback mechanism which grows proportional to TVL

Self sustaining model: Minterest’s treasury reserve is tied to the buyback mechanism and grows to fund future developments while reducing circulating supply of MNT
Performance based token: MNT is a governance token whose performance correlates directly to TVL growth

Minterest’s risk engine estimates liquidation risk days in advance supporting active portfolio management.

Useful Links
Website: minterest.com
App: app.minterest.com